Shannon Marie

A young woman laying in bed and sharing a pillow with her dog, a yellow lab mix whose sleeping nose and paw is visible from the side of the frame. 

I am marching because even before I got sick I believed that health care is a basic human right. Like millions of others, I am terrified that I will be left without proper health care because I am too sick to work and earn employment benefits. I may be bedridden right now, but I still have hopes and dreams. I march to keep those dreams alive.


I am a Systemic Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibro warrior doing my best to lead a life of purpose despite the challenges I face. Administrator on The Unchargeables Support Group, a Facebook group for people with chronic illness. I do everything possible to help manage the household and to spend quality time with two kids I love as if they were my own. I try to take care of my guy at least half as well as he cares for me. My dogs are my couch companions and the guardians of my sanity.

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