I am joining the disability march because I am shocked and saddened at the era of hate that Trump’s election seems to be ushering in.  My own parents voted for him and still don’t see anything wrong with him despite the cabinet picks he has made and the horrible statements he has made against marginalized communities, some of which I myself am a member of. I believe we are entering a period of corporate control and authoritarianism and I am very scared about what might happen.  I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety for 20 years, and my anxiety in particular (which includes anxiety around cities, crowds, and situations I can’t quickly get out of) makes it impossible for me to march in person with my friends.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to virtually march.
I am a kinky, queer, poly, fat femme with disabling mental illnesses.  I am also a wife, a mother to a son and a dog, and a glass artist.  I am fortunate to have health insurance through my partner’s work, but I fear for all the people who will be losing their insurance and worry that we might be next since my partner’s job is in education.

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