Lara C. Riffle

My fear is trump will mess with ssi and ssdi , as most of the Facebook follower of his, think this is some sorta hand out.  His fans are misinformed and ban wagon lemmings.  I’m afraid for my daughter’s generation returning to the “drunk” abortions or take otc meds hoping ? Our gay , friends, family and acquaintances  push into back rooms.  Increase racial divided between people and where does that leave a blue eyed bi racial women like me?  I want to march for common sense and common ground.  Also show a generation this is how we obtain change . Not destroying properties!  Take a knee, write letter , make phone calls. March and chant .  Not to burn or destroy, that just tells them our voices aren’t worth listening to.

Bio:I am 46 and a divorce mother of one planned daughter.  I married her father in 1991 , had her in 1993 and was divorced when he needed to marry his girlfriend, cuz she was pregnant in 1996. We moved from Virginia Beach , back to Ohio where I grew up, in late 1995. Where I had little contact with my daughter’s  father and she didn’t have any til she found him last year.  He was in attendance for her college graduation.

I worked two and even 3 jobs , most of my life.  I was working for a local company called , Marc’s discount store in their pharmacy as a tech. I obtained my first home, with no ones help, closer to work and better school for my gifted daughter.  I worked for them for 16 years when my multiple sclerosis dx made it harder to even work there part time. The sept after  9/11 , i woke up and half my body was numb, that was the scariest year of my life.   Once my ms was dx within 6 weeks of onset , I tired several times to get back to my full time position .  I now assist my best friends 95 yr old grandmother , who had a stroke over a decade ago.


Lara C. Riffle

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