Linda O

Photo of a woman on a walking path with dog, the creek bed in Rohnert Park, CA 
I join this march to add strength to the message that needs to be heard at this point in our history. We need to remember that our government was purposefully created to be “of, for and by” The People. And “We, The People” are comprised of a beautifully designed and widely diverse quilt of humanity. I believe the current administration will be a detriment to the progress that has been made toward protecting the rights of all peoples, the availability of health care and education for all, security for our Seniors and disadvantaged, advancement of clean energy, protection of our environment and the fight against the emerging Oligarchy. We must stand up today and be heard. And, I know in my heart that the ultimate measure of any society lies in how we treat our most vulnerable members.
Single mother of 3, a new Grandmother. Computer programner, disabled age 47. Failed surgery led to inability to work and an irrevocably changed life. Steep learning curve: Medicare; Social Security; difficult choices. I became vulnerable to legislation and approvals by a Congress who never have to fear lack of healthcare or security. My focus remains on Gratitude, Family, sense of purpose.

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