A woman dressed in black is leaping so high into the air, arms and head thrown back with what looks like joy, that she seems to almost be jumping higher than the roof of the house in back of her. 

I wanted to show my solidarity but going on a march anywhere with just my guide dog makes me anxious – especially if it involves travel and crowds. Imagine how thrilled I was to realise I could join in here!  I believe in an inclusive and compassionate society – a place for all of us. I also believe Trump and his cronies are leaning towards fascism and disabled people will become much more vulnerable and exposed in the current right wing meritocratic climate.

I am an author and researcher and mix a good martini. My current novel CULL is a dark satire on the UK’ welfare system and available for pre purchase here: https://unbound.com/books/cull

My previous novel is available here:


My blog is here and will restart in a few weeks time: www.holeyvision.blogspot.com

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