Paula Sanders

I’m joining the Disability March as someone who has supported the rights of the disabled for decades. My Unitarian Universalist faith has taught me to treat everyone with dignity and compassion and I have tried to live that faith. Trump is the opposite in every way of that.  While my Crohn’s Disease may not be seen by many as a disability, it’s symptoms and it’s refusal to respond to conventional treatments mean I cannot work, and most days I’m in too much pain and fatigued to do much of anything. I would love to physically be in DC or a city near me, but my body won’t let me; so I’m here with y’all. 

Animal lover, obsessive knitter, coloring book colorer, cross stitcher, TV/movie loving, book reading, geeky, and Crohn’s Disease Warrior for thirty years; just to name a few of things about myself.

My story of living with the invisible illness and disability that is Crohn’s Disease is here:

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