Susan Amanda Schratter, MA, MFT

I am joining the Woman’s Disabilities March because this country is built on the principals of justice, equality and freedom for every woman, man and child no matter what their skin color, religion, economic standing,  immigration status or if they are able-bodied or physically challenged. The values I hold near and dear, that truly makes us great and strong, and elevate us as human beings are compassion, empathy, respect, love and kindness. This includes care and thoughtful use of precious natural resources. Above all, honesty, integrity, transparency and a willingness to listen  share our resources fairly is the foundation from which we as a nation shall grow and thrive. This is the kind of president and administration I wish to see. I am deeply concerned that our new president does not reflect these values. This is why I march!
I am a human first, a citizen of the world and an American woman with a disability since birth, cerebral palsy. It is through the public education system I received my education up to a masters degree.  I am a psychotherapist, helping people heal from difficult life circumstances. I love my work: it brings me tremendous joy to share my love and skills.  Growing up I wore braces, and now walk with a walker while living with chronic pain. My mantra is, “Be strong, persevere, keep your heart open!” My mantra for this country is, “We are Stronger Together!”
A light-brown haired woman who is smiling wearing a blue blouse and blue scarf sitting in a chair with a painting on the wall behind her.

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