Susan Ivers

Deeply saddened I couldn’t justify the week it would take me to recover from the trip to the March in DC.  Ashamed I felt I couldn’t even attend the nearby Chicago event.  Finding this website was profound.  Now, as I join (through Facebook) friends who are marching in Washington, I am a real, legitimate part of this historic event in my own right.  This means the world to me.

Bio: Susan Ivers worked with public television and independent producers over the course of twenty years.  She earned a Master’s degree in public broadcasting management from Ohio University though the only project of its kind, established in conjunction with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease and systemic rheumatological disorders in the early 1990s, she went on Social Security Disability in 2013, and moved from Washington, DC to Chicago later that year.

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