Tiffany Johnson


Why I Am Joining The March : I am an almost 34 year old single mother of a 5 1/2 year old little girl… I’ve struggled since the age of 2 when I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, doctors telling me I would never walk, never have children, it was hard enough realizing on my own that I walked different than others and that the public was not always kind to people who were “different” now we have a president elect who publicly makes fun of the disabled, who belittles everyone not just disabled people but also women! Women, Mexicans, you name it and he’s said it about all these people. I am able to provide for my daughter and survive solely off of social security disability payments which mind you I had to fight to receive for years, money that I as a tax payer paid into, that’s MY money not the republican stash… if this racist, bigoted, man takes office he and his “cabinet” of greedy, heartless morons will be gutting social security and Medicare 2 things which I rely on to get by. My daughter is a beautiful loving person who I am trying to teach to accept and love everyone to embrace all differences because we are all one HUMAN RACE but now the country is divided by racism and hate all of which Mr. Trump incites…. He will NEVER be MY PRESIDENT! The job of the president is to help the country, to unite them not to incite hate, and violence and not to destroy people’s lives!! I am marching for the greater good, for my life and for my child’s future!!!

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