Group of Three Marchers

Terri Pease

Women’s rights , and the rights of all Americans, are at risk with this administration’s stated views and actions (even before the inauguration). This March reminds the new president that we are here, were are not silent and we will not go away.

Can’t march because I am a caregiver to a disabled spouse.

Tina McMillan

There are so many reasons I’m joining the March. Trump is a clear and immediate threat to Democracy and to our very nation. His reckless arrogance is unmatched. He does NOT represent all Americans. He’s made that crystal clear by insulting and mocking women, the disabled, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, our LGBT community. He is an international embarrassment. I want to add my voice to the millions saying #NotMyPresident!

Susan McGuire

I have PTSD and am unable to attend the March in my state (Colorado) or in Washington. People with disabilities – visible or invisible – should not lose any ground they’ve gained in being accepted, respected and valued contributors to their communities.

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