Why I Am Joining The March: I am marching virtually because I am fatigued and in pain, and cannot attend a march in person today. I live (and suffer with) the complications of late long term Lyme disease and an immune disorder which has yet to be defined. These and other conditions will be next to impossible to treat with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, because I — like many others who are disabled and have been chronically ill — cannot work to get access to insurance, and we wait a very long time to hear if an application for disability support has been accepted. Some of my friends with disabilities can only work part-time, and at least with the ACA they could both work and have health insurance. We are all afraid our access to healthcare is going to disappear, that our quality of life will be diminished, and that we will become very sick and lose what productivity we have if the ACA is repealed.
My picture is my own drawing, a pain self-portrait.

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