Cindy Jackson

It’s a sad day. I just re watched a video showing this president making fun of the handicapped. It made me sick. Not that this ignorant person could do this, but that so many people including my own family could vote for this. They ok’d it, not Trump. Shame on America and what you ok’d. Right now I have tears. Not because Trump is in office, because he can never be my president. My president would treat all people with respect. My tears are for everyone who could ok this behavior as if it’s ok, and then go to church on Sunday. Those who feel this behavior will make America great again. I can’t explain how sick I feel right now. I’m in a wheelchair with a form of Muscular Dystrophy. I’ve been fighting people like Trump my entire life of 58 yrs, and I will continued to fight.

Cindy Jackson (hubby calls me Rocko)

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