Martha Forrester


Now is the time  to speak my truth (even through slurred speech); to stand up (via my lift chair) for myself and others’ rights; to fight injustice (via support of said insitutions); and join a communitiy of like-spririted people (virtually) to safeguard our liberties as loyal Americans.

Born in Savannah, GA, I moved to the SF Bay area for a life-style change in 2010.  As the outdoors is my church, I frequently worshipped in my new environs, hikinig nine miles in the local parks on weekends. I worked as a research nurse for the VA until May 2015, when multiple system atrophy (an untreatable fatal disease) halted my ability to drive, to write. to walk/shower/dress/eat unassisted, to speak clearly and to type without multiple errors. I have been living off of quickly dwindling savings, waiting for multiple disability claims to make good on their promises and for SSDI. Trump’s rhetoric not only threatens my ability to receive good care and my financial livelihood, but for many many others well. I commit to advocate for justice for as long as I draw breath.

A head shot of a woman (me) with short hair beaming after receiving relief from my symptoms at an Aryurvedic clinic in Hyderabad, India, last summer.

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