Group of 4 marchers

Kim Hall

Why I Am Joining The March: As a woman, I march to be a light and to let my own light shine. As a sister, I march for all of us who know that our value is in how well we take care of each other – not how much we take for ourselves. As a mother, I march for our daughters (including mine, pictured here) and our sons to see strength, hope and action in the women they know and love. As a daughter, I march for our mothers who blazed the trails, raised us well and may need a hand as they age.And as a brain tumor survivor, I march ‘virtually’ in support of those of us battling with invisible and visible illness and disability. Like my daughter, I too want to be heard.


Why I Am Joining The March: I was originally scheduled to join the Washington DC march and I got very sick on the plane ride to the US so couldn’t travel down with my small children safely. We’d like to join via the disability march if possible.


Shelley Ratcliffe

Why I Am Joining The March: I want to march to protest the presidency of Trump.  I am asking the congress to consider the unprepared cabinet choices that have no experience very carefully and reject those that are the most unacceptable.  I am asking congress to finally pass the ERA and give women full rights and protections of a citizen.   I am asking to protect the ACA and not repeal it.  Also protect a woman’s right to choose and women’s health care and protect marriage equality.  I want congress to oppose the stupid and useless and very expensive wall on our southern border and fight back against vilifying any one for race or religion.  I am asking congress to NOT de-fund Planned Parenthood.  I am asking congress to protect our public schools and make them stronger and better.  An educated population is necessary for a good future for us all.  I am asking congress to NOT privatize our national parks.  These places are important treasures and must be protected for us and generations to come.   I am asking congress not to privatize or cut my Social Security and Medicare.  And to protect medicaid as well. I am marching so congress will know I am watching every vote, every action they take and their actions will have consequences.   


Harry Lucia

Comment: I have multiple myeloma and heart valve problems. my wife has COPD. I’m marching to protect our Social Security and Medicare benefit.

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