Group of Six Marchers

Paul Saulinas

I am a disabled American with Asperger’s Syndrome and it is important for people to realize that we are what makes the world unique. This is our country and our world, where everyone is entitled to their rights and that our rights and the lives of those with disabilities matter just as much as the lives of those of different religions, races, ethnic backgrounds, gender and sexual preferences. We cannot and will not let any form of hatred or prejudice towards our differences overtake the nation and the world. A disability, especially Asperger’s Syndrome, is not a weakness to overcome; it is a strength to empower. Once again, I am glad you have made this site. Thank you.

Jenieve Grimesi

I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I believe that he is wrong for truly meaning of usa. I am handicapped and native woman.

Suzy Gardner

I’m a single mom with 2 adult daughters and a new granddaughter. I want this world to be a better place for them; I don’t want them to have to keep fighting the same struggles that my generation already has. It’s shameful that we HAVE had to keep fighting over and over again, and for so long. But “keep fighting” we will; I raised my daughters to be tough and relentless, just as my mom raised me.

Yael Kaplan

I cannot make it the march in DC or my hometown I am a woman with disabilities and I want my voice to be heard even if I cannot attend in person.

Karen Elander McClain

I would love to be marching with my daughter today, however my health makes that difficult. I am blessed to a loving husband of 45 years – a retired public school teacher. He loved his 37-yr career; we are concerned about public education. Teachers must be paid a wage in which they can make a living – buying a home and raising a family. That WAS possible, though never easy; but today’s teachers are earning less and leaving because of the pay. Our children deserve teachers who love their jobs, who encourage children to thrive in this global society.

Jane Hearty

I am so happy that you have found a way for the disabled to participate in the March in Washington. All my family and friends are joining the March in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to stand in solidarity with our sisters in the USA. I have been to many marches, the last one being the Bring Back the Night rally. I was not able to keep up and was picked up by a bus following the marchers. I can’t go to this March due to my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis which has become moderate to severe. I am fortunate to have medical care and a pain specialist. I really just want to say that you are going to have to keep up the pressure to get what you need. Good luck and Godspeed.

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