I march because I want and need to keep hope during these times. I march because I believe in working towards equality. I march because I believe that each individual has the right to health care, education, and respect.

I am a bisexual woman with sensory processing disorder. I have recovered from major depression, and I still struggle with anxiety. I am an artist, dancer, and idealist.

On a personal level, I am someone who has benefited from the Affordable Care Act. Its provisions helped me get the care I needed when I was severely depressed and recovering from major surgery. I was able to get occupational therapy that helped me immeasurably with my sensory issues.

I am horrified to wake up to a world where people’s rights could be taken away. I march to resist. I march because discrimination, hatred, and callousness should not be normalized. I march because I want to help create a better country and a better world.

photo of brown-haired white woman with brown eyes wearing a navy blue shirt, standing against a wall

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