Lisa Bridges

Lisa Bridges

I wanted to be able to March for many reasons. The Declaration of Independence starts out “We the people.” Not we the rich white men, but people. Male, female, black, white and every color in between. People who may be Atheist, Christian, Jewish or Muslim and any number of religions. People who may be gay, straight, bi, transgender and many other orientations. We are being punished for trying to live what was once the American dream. Now we have men who want to dictate what to do with our bodies, our healthcare or even where to potty. All of our inalienable rights are being stripped. Please don’t give me a death sentence because I need expensive health care to live. Please don’t sign the death warrant of my future generations by taking away the right to a good affordable education, clean air, clean water, and healthcare. Please let us be free to choose to know what is best for each of us as individuals. Please let us be free to make choices, love who we want, be who we are meant to be. Please let us be able to live our lives as someone who is proud to be American and not shamed.

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