I was a registered nurse in the OR, and loved my job as night shift charge nurse.  That all changed when I started showing symptoms of POTS and dysautonomia.  I retired at the age of 61, and am now paying $700 per month in health insurance.  I spend much of my time house and/or bedbound because being upright for too long exacerbates my symptoms of headache, nausea, sweating, dizziness, and flu-like aching.

I am joining the march because Donald Trump and the GOP are a threat to the United States and its people.  Their plans to repeal the ACA, cut Social Security and Medicare, and destroy the environment show no consideration for the population, but favoritism to the wealthy and large corporations.  We need to show them that these plans are not being met with approval.  In addition, the whole swing of Congress and state legislatures toward a policy of misogyny and racism is regression back to the 1950’s.  Trump’s criminal attitude and behavior toward women is not that of a President.  The fact that he has surrounded himself with unqualified racists and climate change deniers does not represent a government by, of, or for the people.  This nation has become an oligarchy, and we must take it back!

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