Kelly N. Rowan-Burrell

I am currently recovering from a major medical procedure and unable to travel at this time. I am participating on behalf of Americans with invisible disabilities – those who look “fine” and may need to take the elevator one floor at work; for those who have to work extra hard to hide their mental illness for fear of stigma and discrimination both at work, church and in the community.
Bio: I am a full-time employee, wife and mother to 4 beautiful children. In my “spare” time, I teach Positivity sessions to equip people with tools to practice gratitude and kindness regardless of their circumstances. My blog is Diary of a Confessed Hypocrite (

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  1. Suzie Craig says:

    I march with all my Sisters in my heart, although I cannot physically do so. I could not be prouder of thewomen, men, and children who are sayng it for us all. Equality for all! Save our Planet! Live responsibly and have each other’s backs. God Bless America.


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