While I am blessed to be alive with severe, inoperable coronary artery disease, and having had two heart attacks, I cannot work, stand more than 2-3 minutes, or walk more than twenty or so feet without experiencing angina. No longer able to drive, I am completely dependent on my husband and family to take me anywhere. Loading and unloading my power wheelchair is too much for them at times, having fought cancer and health problems of their own. I am thrilled to join and support the Women’s March of January, 2017 virtually!
We are women– standing up for our rights to be treated with respect and not to be sexually abused by men like Donald Trump! Why was someone like him elected as President? He might take away our health care and or social security which we worked for and earned and need!  He mocks and disparages the disabled– if he takes our support away, we will die!  Ah ha– maybe that is his Hitler-like goal– purify the race, get rid of sick, disabled people so no need for government support.
We march for people of all races and cultures, for their right to equality, respect, healthcare, and the pursuit of happiness!  Helen Y. Holshouser

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