Why Joining:
Combo of car accident, arthritis, and fibromyalgia put this march beyond my endurance… even though DC is just across the river.
I march virtually for my nieces and nephew, who deserve healthcare, jobs, and a nation that values and respects all citizens, regardless of physical or mental health, good luck or bad luck, rich or poor.
I march virtually for relatives hit with illness young, who never had the chance to live the kind of rich and varied life I have had, despite being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and living with chronic pain since I was 29.
I march virtually for the right to keep paying for insurance (currently $1,200 a month + deductibles + co-pays) despite pre-existing conditions beyond my control.
I march virtually for everyone who does not realize that an accident or a disease can strike ANYONE – even you – and change your life in an instant.
Bio statement
Founded marketing firm in 1989, specialized for 25+ years in marketing for nonprofits, causes, charities and professional organizations. Currently working from home managing a site for social media influencers.
Proudly marched in person for decades.  Have organized fundraising campaigns for progressive candidates for candidates for everything from senate, governor, and president. Have helped raised millions of dollars for candidates and causes… working through pain, each and every day.
I’m fighting for my right to PAY for insurance. And for your right to get/keep insurance if an accident or a diagnosis changes your life… or if your knees go out, arthritis slows you down, or you simply grow too

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