I was born with congenitally deformed knees.  I have been sidelined all my life from pursuing normal pleasures such has tennis, dancing, swimming, hiking, running, participation in group sports.  I have had to be hyper vigilant contemplating any new terrain, since my knee(s) would dislocate at the least provocation.  Needless to say, I have deep empathy for any of us who cope with limitations, moderate to severe.  I do hope that by participating in this virtual march I am joining in the need to promote greater understanding and compassion for the disabled.
Bio:  I am retired teacher who resides in Southern California.  My BA is in Music Education; my MA is in School Counseling.  I spent the first half of my career in private industry as a writer for corporate communications and an operations analyst;  during the latter half of my career I taught 5th grade.  I was especially engaged in the 5th grade curriculum and passionate about instilling the rights, responsibilities and obligations we assume as American citizens.

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