Helene Levey Zemel

I am glad to have this opportunity to participate in the Disability March.  I am unable to participate in the local march as I suffer from Charcot Foot which has caused a deformity of my right foot and balance issues as a result.  I am unable to walk more than a few yards without having back pains and leg aches with the need to stop and sit down.

I am a partially retired 70 year old woman who maintains an active lifestyle despite the disability.  I teach piano and perform at the piano and recently authored a book entitled, Beyond Ice.

As a Jewish American, I stand with other minorities and immigrants.  We must always remember what happened in Nazi Germany and make sure that it never happens in this country where a group is singled out for their religion or race.

I also want to join the fight in helping to protect the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from the Republican attempts to dismantle or privatize these programs.  Healthcare should be a right of all citizens of our great country and not just for the wealthy or the well employed.  There is a very simple fix that would keep Social Security for many years.  Just raise or eliminate the income tax.  A simple fix, but Republicans will never go along with it because the wealthy might have to pay a few more dollars in taxes.

Also, we must fight for an increase in the minimum wage.  No one who works a full time job should have to live in poverty.  That is just wrong.

I am fired up and ready to go!

The picture shows me above the tree line at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Let’s fight to protect are National parks and wilderness so we and our children can enjoy them and not let the oil companies plunder them.

Helene Levey Zemel
Author and Concert Pianist

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