Kathleen Reddy Guidry

I am marching today because women’s rights are human rights. I don’t believe that a presidential administration or Congress should be legislating any woman’s reproductive rights. Unless of course they want equal time and start legislating men’s reproductive rights, too!   I march because Donald Trump does not represent me or my family and my friends. Donald Trump has stoked the worst parts of humanity to achieve his self-serving goals and those of his billionaire cadre. It pains me in my heart and soul that a racist, sexist, misogynistic, climate change denying, anti-education, anti-LGBTQ, hating administration is in place and I WILL NOT stand idly by! Nor will I show my girls that I accept this weakly. Our girls will be handed the aftermath Trump and the destruction and dismantling of good works that we have achieved thus far. Not on my watch!

Bio: My name is Kathleen Reddy Guidry, I live in Peekskill, NY with my husband Paul and girls Morgan, 12 and Sylvia, 2 (stepdaughter and daughter, respectively). I’m a former scientist and technology project manager who is now a stay-at-home parent. Due to a big car accident and some arthritic knees in treatment, I am unable to march anywhere today due to pain, and not wanting to backtrack any progress.

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