James S.

Marching is important to me because I refuse to stand by and do nothing in the face of an incoming administration that doesn’t care for and actively harms, exploits, and kills the most structurally disadvantaged among us, including those of us with disabilities; trans and other queer people; Black, Latinx, indigenous people and other people of color; Muslims, Jews, and other religious minorities; immigrants; women; and especially people at the intersections of these identities. I’m autistic and attending protests in person is difficult for me for a variety of reasons, but the incoming US government needs to be shown over and over again that those who care for the current and future wellbeing of everybody in this country are going to resist their dehumanizing , dangerous policy designs. I want to add my voice to these efforts wherever I can – it’s unconscionable to me to not stand in solidarity with people who are targets of those in power, from my friends, to others in my community, to complete strangers. Nothing hard was ever accomplished by people being polite, invisible, and silent.


I’m a 24 year old agender person who wants to someday professionally study bird cognition and/or language; I love Star Wars, and writing, and knitting, and my cat. I grew up with stars in my eyes for the history of social activism in this country, and I want to help use those inspirations to build a better world for today and tomorrow. I’m autistic, depressed, and ADHD, and neurodivergence/disability experiences are absolutely vital.

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