Bri Prooker

I’m joining the Disability March because I want with all my heart to physically attend the Women’s March in my hometown of Los Angeles, but am worried that doing so would land me in the hospital.  I’m disabled due to rare autoimmune conditions that attack my connective tissues and blood vessels, causing internal bleeding and excruciating pain. I’m joining the Disability March because I want to bring a strong voice to disability awareness and because I vehemently support the Affordable Care Act, which has helped save my life. I metaphorically — and with all my heart — stand in solidarity with all the women (and men) who are marching in the Women’s March on January 21st in Washington DC and in sister marches nationally and globally.  While I will not be in attendance at an official march, I promise to march every day (most likely while walking my dogs!) with the strength, tenacity, intelligence and bravery that Hillary Clinton has bestowed on feminism and women’s rights.  Hillary Clinton has inspired a movement that we need now more than ever, and I thank her for that with all my heart. I will march with my words by speaking up against abuse, bigotry and hate and by fighting for equality and peace.  I will march with my spirit to honor President Obama and Michelle Obama’s legacy by believing in the power of hope and good people coming together to make the world a better place. Because at the end of the day, love always has and forever will trump hate.  

Bio: Bri Prooker is an award-winning writer, actor and filmmaker, determined to follow her dreams despite being disabled and living in chronic pain. She’s the founder of WOOF Productions, where she makes films that empower women, challenge gender in media and donate proceeds to animal rescue groups and charities. Bri works with her mom and sister (her best friends) at KOTAW, their creative marketing and brand storytelling studio in Los Angeles.  She’s also co-creator of “Pit Bulls and Personal Branding,” KOTAW’s passion project to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet and loving dogs they are.

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