We are bringing light into the dark times that are descending on us.
I am a survivor.
I will not be silent.

Lara C. Riffle

I want to march for common sense and common ground. Also show a generation this is how we obtain change .

Carolyn Murray

I wanted to march downtown on behalf of the rights of all marginalized citizens, including my 18 year old son, Daniel.


#justiceforall #womensmarch #disabilitymarch #resisttrump

Julia Grace

I am joining the march because Trump and his administration threaten the forward strides we have taken as a nation – on women’s rights, on LGBTQ+ rights, on racial equality.

Arwyn Y.

I march for women who, despite being the majority in this nation, are underrepresented in our government.

Group of 10 Marchers

Maddy Piper:┬áIf we stand by and ignore discriminatory and hate speech against women we collude in demeaning half the human population. Half the world’s population which still struggles to access education and struggles to be free of domestic captivity. We have to go forward and not slip back into the silence if the past. United…

Susan Ivers

Now, as I join (through Facebook) friends who are marching in Washington, I am a real, legitimate part of this historic event in my own right. This means the world to me.


We will fight against all the hateful rhetoric, and all measures that belittle, demean, or rob us of our rights (or our benefits – which are NOT entitlements)!